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Use of fiber optic transceivers

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When using optical fibers, we often use optical fiber transceivers. Optical fiber transceivers have been used in various industries, including security monitoring, enterprise networks, and campus LANs.

Fiber optic transceivers are small in size and take up little space, so they are ideal for deployment in wiring closets, enclosures, etc. where space is limited.

There are many different classifications of fiber optic transceivers, such as: SC connector fiber optic transceivers, FC/ST connector fiber optic transceivers, and some transceivers with SFP optical ports. Therefore, when we use fiber optic transceivers to connect different devices, we must pay attention to the different ports used.

Generally, when we use fiber optic transceivers, we use them in pairs. The use steps are as follows:

1. Use UTP cable (network cable above Cat5) to connect the electrical port of the switch to the RJ45 port of the optical transceiver;

2. Insert one SFP optical module into the SFP optical port of the optical fiber transceiver, and then insert another SFP optical module into the SFP optical port of another optical fiber transceiver;

3. Use a fiber jumper to connect two fiber optic transceivers.




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