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Several problems with cable TV distributors?

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1. The wired HFC network is a two-way network, which can realize TV and broadband services. The quality of the distributors sold in the market is uneven, and the distributors with poor quality have large return signal loss. It is recommended to buy good quality ones.

2. Each channel in the cable network has its own transmission frequency. The value on the distributor is that the frequency signal within this value range can be transmitted through this distributor, otherwise it will not pass.

3. Yes. If there are 6 TVs in the house, it is recommended to have two 3 distributions under one 2 distribution, so that the signal in each room is the same.

4. Can't. The splitter will only attenuate the signal, and the more you split, the lower the signal. There are many reasons why some channels are not clear, there are connectors, or the quality of the splitter, or there may be problems with the equipment in the entire park.

5. No need for analog signals, just use the distributor to distribute the lines to each room and connect to the TV, no need for a set-top box.




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