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Advantages of HDMI fiber optic extenders

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HDMI fiber optic extender is a transmission device used to extend the signal, solve the problem that HDMI audio and video signals cannot be transmitted over long distances, and ensure the quality of signal transmission.

1. Long-distance transmission is stable without delay

This HDMI fiber optic extender from DITE is to solve the problems of image mosaic, color distortion, and inability to transmit when HDMI signals are transmitted over a long distance. For network flat panel display and large-screen advertising wall display, high-quality HDMI audio and video signals are required. capable of long-distance transmission.

2. High-definition and delicate picture quality

The HD HDMI fiber optic extender has high-definition and delicate picture quality, HDMI signal resolution, and is backward compatible with multiple resolutions.

3. H.2** codec technology

The video compression format adopts H.2** codec technology, such as the same high-definition movie video, under the same bandwidth, MPEG2 compression requires about 100G, H.254 compression requires about 25G, and the H.2** compressed picture quality Better, with higher clarity.

4. Long-distance transmission

This Dite HDMI fiber optic extender can support USB remote operation, connect digital devices with USB interface, and realize cascade transmission through fiber optic switch equipment, built-in automatic equalization system, long-distance transmission up to 20 kilometers, smooth and stable picture quality .




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